Monday, November 26, 2012

Du: Part Two.

Du: Part Two. By Robert Frank. Scalo Verlag, 2003. 100 pp., illustrated throughout, 9x13".

Book description:

"Forty years after it first published an issue on legendary photographer Robert Frank, the Swiss magazine du is publishing Part Two.

For years, the editors of 'du' have talked about collaborating once again with the most important living Swiss photographer (Frank was born in Zurich in 1924).

Though the photographer has long since finished with photo journalism, dedicating himself, since 1962, to filmmaking, he has made here a magical exception. Together with 'du', Frank has developed an idea for an issue that stretches the concept of photography to its limits.

An all-encompassing self-examination, sometimes looking back with melancholia, sometimes moving ahead with a visionary impetus, this publication assembles classic images, new Polaroid works, traces of thoughts, rediscoveries of never-before-shown photographs, and visual diary notes, together with Frank's selections of favorite texts by Kerouac, Burroughs, and Elio Vittorini."

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