Friday, September 29, 2006

Leisuring about with coffee

Sitting here with my coffee and newspapers/blogs in the morning I can't help but want to share this great page called Fikapaus (coffee break). Especially this picture is absolutely amazing (and not the right one to see just before going to view a flat on the ground floor!) - the view and the cup itself is the essence of Stockholm to me.

The cup pictured we're lucky enough to own two of (picked up in a charity shop for less then £1 while waiting for a cab). As far as we've been able to establish it's from Gustavsbergs (well worth the trip to if/when you're in Stockholm) and probably made sometime in the 1940's.

The excellent Fikapaus was found via Karin Eriksson (again) - she has one of these blogs that I for some reason don't look at that often, but everytime I do it's incredibly inspiring. (She also posted about the current exhibiton at Nationalmuseum - looks brilliant! and will post about as soon as been to see it)

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