Sunday, November 25, 2007

lykke li

lykke li: little bit EP. (album cover)

This girl I love. Have a look at her site, listen to the tracks and buy the EP. Just a little thing to discover. Wonderful, magical artwork!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Andreas Gursky.

Andreas Gursky. Photographs by Andreas Gursky. Text by Thomas Weski and Don DeLillo. Snoeck, Gent, 2007. 158 pp., 65 color illustrations, 10x13".

"Gursky’s photos exploit the visual codes of a globalized world. They combine collective memories into rhythmic images that appear familiar and intelligible to viewers because the situations have been stored in their subconscious. But the photographer’s slightly elevated vantage point gives these situations an unfamiliar feeling. Viewers float above the objects, observing from an idealized perspective they are usually denied. Patterns and repetition become obvious, details once overlooked become prominent, and situations usually considered banal take on the air of a medieval miniature, an Old Master, or an abstract painting.

Since the early 1990s, Gursky has photographed his motifs using both analog and digital methods, and then composed his final image using digital technology. Gursky’s works, therefore, are not classical documentary photographs, but are hyper-realistic fictions based on facts. “Reality can only be portrayed when one constructs it,” says the photographer. With their paradoxical character and idealized composition, Gursky’s works simultaneously express reality and observe it."

"This stunning, large-format exhibition catalog from Gursky’s recent solo show in Munich is made up of works mostly created since his Museum of Modern Art show in 2001.

Includes a critical essay by curator Thomas Weski and a contribution titled “In Yankee Stadium” by American novelist Don DeLillo.

An unexpected feature is five separate cover designs made available for this publication; each cover takes a detail from one of the noted Korean Stadium works."

Thursday, November 22, 2007

London Artist's Bookfair at the ICA this weekend

A selection of exhibitors' work. Images from the London Artist's Bookfair site.

If you will be in London this weekend be sure not to miss the London Artist's Bookfair!

Besides the really wonderful and fantastic exhibitors the ICA is also showing a range of films on the subjects of experimental writing/book arts as well as holding a "talk" with publisher Hansjorg Mayer and artist Tom Phillips.

The book fair is free so there's absolutely no reason to miss it!

Opening hours: 12.00–19.00 Fri 23 Nov; 11.00–19.00 Sat 24 Nov; 11.00–17.00 Sun 25 Nov. Venue: the ICA (the Institute of Contemporary Arts) - how to get there here.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Beautiful Ana Ventura

"flowers on my mind" brooch. Limited edition of 20 broochs. Materials: the brooch is made of sterling silver sheet [1mm thick], the pin is stainless steel. All hand-pierced by Abigail A. Percy and designed by Ana Ventura.

It can not be news to anyone that I love everything Ana Ventura - and I wasn't disappointed this time either!

"Sharing a love of silhouette, nature and began on this collaboration in the summer of 2007."

The outcome of this collaboration between Ana and Abigail A. Percy - the brooch above - is just absolutely beautiful I think!

Most definitely also have a look at the other items in Ana's shop - and don't miss her wonderful blog.

Friday, November 16, 2007

To Find God Not the Devil's Insides.

To Find God Not the Devil's Insides. Photographs and text by Doug and Mike Starn. The Print Center / The Starn Studio, Philadelphia, 2007. 59 pp., Accordion folded, 4-color recto-verso., 9½x13".

"Doug and Mike Starn bring to this publication their insatiable creativity to express their personal philosophy. Each page represents a segment of an original artwork, Black Pulse 3. An actual dry leaf scanned and virtually fleshed out, becoming a monumental network where light pulses into its absorbed form, carbon: coincidentally black. In an accordion format, this artist book was designed as a linear circulatory system where end and beginning merge, through the poetic dialogue by the Starns which streams atop each page. Its soft-cover and laminated paper allure to the delicate feel of the leaf. This publication houses an accordion-fold insert pamphlet with a comprehensive and illuminating essay by Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Word and Photographs (Victoria & Albert Museum, London), and installation views of the Starns' current exhibition at The Print Center, Philadelphia (PA)-Black Pulse 2000-2007."

This I really like! I appreciate the thought-process, the attention to details and the different points of inspiration, as well as the execution.

Some more production info:
"51 pages (recto-verso) 4-color, matte laminated paper, hand-bound with large clear tape; + 7-page accordion insert pamphlet 4-color (recto) printed on Yupo paper-printing and hand-binding by Trifolio, Verona (Italy)."

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Book cover

The Hitcher. Photographs and text by Chris Coekin. Introduction by Camilla Brown. Walkout Books, London, 2007. 128 pp., 105 full color illustrations., 10x6¾"

I'm strangely drawn to this cover... I think it might be really really really good. It could be. Will be my little project to find out I think.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Putting Back the Wall.

Putting Back the Wall. Photographs by John Gossage. Essays by Thomas Weski and Gerry Badger. Loosestrife Editions, Tucson, 2007. 132 pp., 134 duotone images., 10x13".

We have builders in... and it's the start of dark Swedish winter outside... (does that make any sense?)

"This new volume presents Gossage's Berlin photographs from 1982-1989 revisited as memory. These are documentary photographs, which promise clarity - yet deliver only mystery or might promise invention and fiction - yet actually deliver truth. With every Gossage book there is an inevitable nod to the artistry of the Photobook. An exquisite cover fashioned from the remains of a deteriorating album sets the tone of the publication. Essays by Gerry Badger, Thomas Weski and John Gossage presented in the unconventional, yet masterful manner we have come to expect in a Gossage production. This 2007 volume will also be sold in a slip case with the 2005 'Berlin in the Time of the Wall' in an edition called The Complete Berlin."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

World Paperback Design.

World Paperback Design. By Hiroshi Eguchi. PIE books, numerous illustrations.

I haven't been looking at blogs for quite some time now (like the blogging really), but after I posted the last post I realised that "This Is For You" had been mentioned at a number of places (not that I like it any less though!) there amongst at Book By Its Cover. She's also posted about this wonderful book above!

"In the introduction the author/editor talks about his love for the covers of books. He mentions getting a thrill out of searching through flea markets paperback sellers and recognizing the illustrators and graphic designers by their look. This book contains covers of over 300 paperbacks from around the world published from the late 1950s to the 1970s. The chapters are broken up into countries.
The book has a nice simple layout - images of the paperbacks at almost actual size or stacks of their series so we can see the spines."

Read her full description here. I just love love love paperback covers and have a fair selection myself (mostly picked up at flea markets / discarded by relatives and very often picked on the strength of its' cover alone in a language I don't understand myself).

I'd just love to get my hands on this book, but it doesn't seem possible to get it to Europe sadly...

Thursday, November 08, 2007

This Is for You.

This Is for You. By Rob Ryan. Sceptre, 2007. 64pp., numerous illustrations, 7.6 x 5.9 x 0.6". Found via and some of images from Niotillfem.

"If you believe in love, but find it difficult to explain - this is for you.
Rob Ryan has been cutting pictures out of paper for many years. He has exhibited all over the world."

For more of him and his work go here (it's wonderful!). I think this book is beautiful and poetic. The kind of work that makes me want to get back to being immersed into it myself...

"It is a story but completely told in papercut out pictures." - Rob Ryan

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Be sure not to miss!

"Vår" ("Spring") by Anita Elgerot.

Don't miss Anita Elgerot's exhibition at Galleri1 / Kultur1 starting tomorrow Nov 2nd! This is an internet exhibition so you non-Swedish residents can enjoy it too! (Go to the link above and then click "GÅ TILL GALLERIET" in the text to view the gallery of paintings).

We are lucky enough to own a small collection of her work and are really excited to see what's new!

UPDATE: Updated the link and how to view the paintings.