Sunday, November 11, 2007

World Paperback Design.

World Paperback Design. By Hiroshi Eguchi. PIE books, numerous illustrations.

I haven't been looking at blogs for quite some time now (like the blogging really), but after I posted the last post I realised that "This Is For You" had been mentioned at a number of places (not that I like it any less though!) there amongst at Book By Its Cover. She's also posted about this wonderful book above!

"In the introduction the author/editor talks about his love for the covers of books. He mentions getting a thrill out of searching through flea markets paperback sellers and recognizing the illustrators and graphic designers by their look. This book contains covers of over 300 paperbacks from around the world published from the late 1950s to the 1970s. The chapters are broken up into countries.
The book has a nice simple layout - images of the paperbacks at almost actual size or stacks of their series so we can see the spines."

Read her full description here. I just love love love paperback covers and have a fair selection myself (mostly picked up at flea markets / discarded by relatives and very often picked on the strength of its' cover alone in a language I don't understand myself).

I'd just love to get my hands on this book, but it doesn't seem possible to get it to Europe sadly...


riz said...

I totally fetishize book covers, can't help it. hope your move is going well...

Rare Autumn said...

I know I could lose days! So much brilliant stuff out there! There's some really great paperback covers at Stockholm's libraries - I scan them in when I've found an especially intriguing one, but it's not quite the same as having the original though!

Move's ok... Worst part is over even though I'm sitting amongst decorators, but things will be back to normal again soon