Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fantastic posts about Orhan Pamuk, PO Ultvedt and other inspiration

I haven't been very well and Christmas is a very busy period for us (everyone has their birthday in December or beginning of January - as well as the different strands of our family living in different countries), but I've felt kinda sad about not having had the energy to post.

Unfortunately this just seems to be continuing, but when I read this wonderful post about Orhan Pamuk (also see this earlier post) and this fantastic post about PO Ultvedt on Anita Elgerot's blog I just felt like I had to share! (Swedish only I'm afraid, but the imagery is also absolutely inspiring.) Also read her here on Svenska Konstnärer (Swedish Artists), search Anita Elgerot here on Magasin 1 for some of her articles or view her work for example on anitaelgerot.com.

If you're in / visiting Stockholm (or even if you're not) make sure to check New York Stories bookstore's blog for author signings, new deliveries and what else is going on (found via this post on Absurdity. Also see my previous post about Independent Bookstores.)

Friday, December 01, 2006

World Aids Day

HIV and Aids is one of the greatest challenges we're facing today.

Despite all advances that's been made in finding drugs to fight the onset of Aids, and the global political consensus that the world need to act the Aids epidemic is in fact getting worse.

Here in the West information and awareness of the danger of HIV and AIDS among the younger generation is faltering (resulting in higher number of younger people infected), and in the developing world children and adults - sometimes several generations of families - are getting infected and dying unnecessarily.

Here are some links to learn more/take action - please do what you can

UNAIDS The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS
World Aids Day Get informed/get involved
WAD.se World Aids Day Sweden
RED Make a difference as a consumer
Staying Alive MTV's Global HIV and AIDS initiative for young people
The Independent Today's Independent is dedicated to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Go online for information or if in the UK/Ireland buy a copy as part of the proceeds goes to charity

Even if it's not economically viable for you to donate inform! And now thanks to projects like the high-profile RED campaign, as a consumer you can make a difference through the purchases you make for yourself, friends/family and your business/at your work place.

Make sure to make a difference - not just today, but every day of the year