Monday, October 30, 2006

Independent Bookstores in Stockholm

One thing with Stockholm that I find kinda odd is that there are very few independent bookstores (whereas in my experience it's always absolutely packed in bookstores here, so people obviously read if you get my drift).

That's why I got so pleasantly surprised last year when Bokspindeln, an independent bookshop dedicated to children's literature (foreign as well as Swedish, in a wide range of different languages), opened up on Odengatan (by St Eriksplan) a few years ago.

A couple of doors down from Bokspindeln an English language bookshop called New York Stories opened up about a month ago. Doesn't it look exactly like the kind of place you could spend all day browsing!

Picture was taken before they actually opened up so not as stocked as now.

Very shamefully I still haven't visited it properly, but said a quick hi to the owner and have an idea of the store's direction - very exciting!

As far as I know they don't have a website, but for a look at what they're about see this and this post from Absurdity.

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