Thursday, November 02, 2006

Don't miss London Artist's Bookfair this weekend!

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday the London Artist's Bookfair is taking place at the ICA in London - don't miss it!

I'm extremely excited about going (as maybe my previous posts shows) and hope to pick up some amazing pieces this year too - but more then anything I'm just looking forward to being inspired by the creativity that surely will be on show!

For you who have not visited before or are not really familiar with Artist Books or Book Art this is what to expect:

"Artist’s books encompass drawing, painting, print-making, craft, sculpture, photography and graphic design, and are used for sharing social comment, poetry, beauty, fun or mischief. Some have words – others don’t – and the subject matter ranges from serious literature and high art to personal passions and experience. Some are made by full time artists but many are from part-time enthusiasts."

"You will find conventional pages and handsome typography but also un-conventional intricately folded constructed shapes, computer generated graphics printed on a variety of materials from hand-made paper to plastic and metal and messages and slogans."

The hours are Fri Nov 3rd 12 noon - 7pm, Sat Nov 4th 11am - 7pm and Sun Nov 5th 11am - 5pm. Directions to get there here.

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