Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Back from the London Artist's Book Fair

So I'm back from the Bookfair, which of course was fantastic as always.
Gathering my treasures together to photograph and scan and will hopefully have those and the photos I forced my husband to take of the fair itself (as I was to shy to) ready soon - hope it will all come out great (and on here in a few days)

I wanted to share a very nice hanging book art sculpture that I found on my return late at night browsing blogs - I was sure it was posted on fiftyRx3 but it's not so there we go...

"6 degrees"
"The structure holds the book together whilst also illustrating the theory (Six Degrees of Separation). No beginning, no end - everyone is connected in whatever direction the reader chooses. The text is of recorded conversations from a trip around the Circle Line, London, between 2-4pm, Friday 19th Nov. 1999"

Instead I thought I'd show some works from one of the most interesting exhibitors at the London Artist Book Fair (this and previous years) Mette-Sofie D. Ambeck. One of her works the Jante Law resonates with me especially (probably as a Swede) and it's my plan to own an edition one day. For now I have "The Process", describing the making of. Unfortunately I couldn't find any images of the book so only the poster is pictured below. (Click on titles above and below to take you to further descriptions or details of which collections houses the work).

"The Jante Law"
"'A Refugee Crosses the Tracks' (Aksel Sandemose, 1933) outlined ten commandments said to reveal how Danish identity is dogged by inferiority and inadequacy. This 'book' investigates and reassembles these commandments in both physical construction and applied design.
Accompanieing the book is the poster; 'the process' (2002), describing the making of the book."

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