Saturday, November 11, 2006

More from the London Artist's Book Fair

Today I thought I'd profile Mike Nicholson, another favourite from this and previous years' bookfairs.
He has "a particular interest in language, and the powerful potential of narratives inside sequential combinations of text and image" - something that's clearly conveyed in all his work.
(For example his love of reading inspired the bookmarks below.)
I've found his work captivating, thought-provoking and intriguing from day one - besides the fact that he's also always fantastically nice and does not mind discussing and explaining his work for whatever long.

To learn more or for where his work can be seen next email.
You can also click here, here and here for some more information of his work/background and exhibitions/commissions. For general information about book art this has very good sources.

"Since 1999 I have self-published my own (written and illustrated) material, exhibiting and selling at variety of 'artist's book' fairs, events and outlets. My ongoing Ensixteen Editions imprint has produced 20 titles to date and I have also been invited to lecture and write on my experiences in this elastic, increasingly evident field. The work has been purchased by private and public collections, cited in paper and online publications and featured in exhibitions in the UK, Australia, USA and elsewhere."

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