Saturday, October 07, 2006

Carbon offsetting

This and this article in today's Guardian grabbed my attention.
We've been trying to find a reputable company for months now in order to offset all the traveling we have to do.
We've had an extensive look around and it is really hard to know who to choose. There's Climate Care - heavily mentioned by companies offsetting in the UK (the Guardian and the Lonely Planet, amongst others) - but frankly they just look a bit commercial, and there's the local one (and even though I do want to protect the Swedish Forest I'm not convinced it's the best over-all solution for a global problem).
At the moment Vi-skogen is the front runner with poss 1% for the planet or similar for business... Anyone has any ideas?

(UPDATE: we obviously try to keep the traveling we have to do to the absolute minimum, but for those trips we really can't get out of we'd like to do all we can).

Picture used from Vi-skogen

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