Friday, November 16, 2007

To Find God Not the Devil's Insides.

To Find God Not the Devil's Insides. Photographs and text by Doug and Mike Starn. The Print Center / The Starn Studio, Philadelphia, 2007. 59 pp., Accordion folded, 4-color recto-verso., 9½x13".

"Doug and Mike Starn bring to this publication their insatiable creativity to express their personal philosophy. Each page represents a segment of an original artwork, Black Pulse 3. An actual dry leaf scanned and virtually fleshed out, becoming a monumental network where light pulses into its absorbed form, carbon: coincidentally black. In an accordion format, this artist book was designed as a linear circulatory system where end and beginning merge, through the poetic dialogue by the Starns which streams atop each page. Its soft-cover and laminated paper allure to the delicate feel of the leaf. This publication houses an accordion-fold insert pamphlet with a comprehensive and illuminating essay by Martin Barnes, Senior Curator of Word and Photographs (Victoria & Albert Museum, London), and installation views of the Starns' current exhibition at The Print Center, Philadelphia (PA)-Black Pulse 2000-2007."

This I really like! I appreciate the thought-process, the attention to details and the different points of inspiration, as well as the execution.

Some more production info:
"51 pages (recto-verso) 4-color, matte laminated paper, hand-bound with large clear tape; + 7-page accordion insert pamphlet 4-color (recto) printed on Yupo paper-printing and hand-binding by Trifolio, Verona (Italy)."

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