Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wonderful, wonderful prints from Ana Ventura

Screenprint #3 and Screenprint #2
Signed and numbered 100 edition, 35cm x 42cm [13,78 x 16,54 inches], 400gr pitura paper

Postcard set (of 4). 15cm x 10cm [4 x 6 inches]

Sweet detail from package it all came in

The content of the package (screenprint #3, screenprint #2; lovely extras: printed paper and postcards from exhibition depicting screenprint #5 and screenprint #6; postcard set).

The package from Ana Ventura arrived and as incredible as it all felt (we've been excited for days and days now) it was so much better than we could've imagined!

The colour and depth of the two screenprints are fantastic and blends perfectly together with the just so lovely illustrations.

The postcard set is wonderful (as you probably know I think from my previous post) with the four cards individuality mixing together to create a perfect harmony.

As a bonus we also got two postcards from a recent exhibition depicting two other screenprints, which of course also is going up on the wall in frames!

Thank you Ana!


ana ventura said...

Thanks for your nice words. I'm so happy that you like it :)

Rare Autumn said...