Tuesday, February 20, 2007

North (from North South)

North South. Photographs by Axel Hutte. Text by Hanne Holm-Johnsen. Schirmer/Mosel, Munich, 2006. 84 pp., 39 color illustrations, 13¾x10¾".

Above is some more inspiration for Project Spectrum.

"As the title suggests, North/South presents two groupings of work, one focusing on barren, gray northern climates [selection shown above] and one on lush, wet southern locations. Both groups focus exclusively on the natural world, not evincing a trace of human presence."

As this is the lovely blue light we get here in the north (often as now when it's snowing the light reflects on the snow giving the blue-white effect as above) it would be easy for me to just grab my camera and I'd had the project sorted.

As I've written before though regardless how pretty it is (and I find it) on picture, being faced with it in reality after many years abroad is just depressing me. For you not here enjoy the imagery!

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