Monday, February 26, 2007


Buried. Photographs by Stephen Gill. Nobody, London, 2006. 32 pp., 29 color illustrations, 5½x7¾".

I really like the idea of and behind this book (even though the execution could've perhaps been something else somehow):

Publisher's Description
"The photographs in this book were taken in Hackney Wick [London, UK] and later buried there. The amount of time the images were left undergournd varied depending on the amount of rainfall. The depths that pictures were buried at also varied, as did their positioning. Sometimes they were facing each other, sometimes back to back or sometimes buried singly. Not knowing what an image would look like once it was dug up introduced an element of chance and surprise that I found appealing. This feeling of letting go and collaborating with place - allowing it also to work on putting the finishing touches to a picture - felt fair. Maybe the spirit of the place can also make its mark."

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