Friday, February 23, 2007

Dark Rainbow Shop - conceptual museum shop

Photo: Jenny Källman / Tensta Konsthall.

This is what my perfect imaginary rainbow imagery would look like - ethereal and substantial at the same time (and not a hint of cartoonishness).

"Dark Rainbow Shop is a new, conceptual museum shop in Tensta Konsthall. In four new collections each year Dark Rainbow Shop will present design, fashion and handicraft by Swedish and international designers together with the publications and other products made by Konst2/Tensta Konsthall."

Collection 1 2007:
Zandra Ahl, Altoum Alimoardi, Ann-Sofie Back, Bless, John Lindholm, Margit Lindholm, Tuija Markonsalo, Zobida Nadi Sharegh, Alice Shulman, Nina Sparr, Per B Sundberg and Tensta Möbler (Tensta Furniture).

Curator: Jelena Rundqvist

Dark Rainbow Shop at Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm, Sweden found via Karin Eriksson's blog.

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