Saturday, February 24, 2007

Vintage Ceramics at Bloesem and Stig Lindberg

I missed the wonderful Bloesem weekend read showcasing vintage ceramics last week.

Seeing it now reminded me that I still haven't visited the Stig Lindberg exhibition at Nationalmuseum (it finishes tomorrow) - hope I'll make it... Below is a small selection of Stig Lindberg's quite varied work.

Definitely don't miss Bloesem's beautiful and well-written weekend read for some more Stig Lindberg / Gustavsberg and a range of other beautiful ceramics! (When we get our things out of storage I'll show some of our lovely Rörstrand and Gustavsberg ceramics.)

By Stig Lindberg (photo from Bloesem weekend read)

Krakel Spektakel (children's book). Illustrated by Stig Lindberg

Ceramics by Stig Lindberg / Gustavsberg (photo from Bloesem weekend read)
Ceramics by Stig Lindberg / Gustavsberg

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