Saturday, February 10, 2007

Witness No. 1

Witness No. 1. Photographs by Stephen Shore. Joy of Giving Something, New York, 2006. 72 pp., 77 four-color illustrations, 9½x12".

I really do like the idea behind this book and the on-following series of small, limited edition books which "will serve as 'visual time capsules'."

The idea is that "an artist was not only the primary focus of each issue in this biannual series, but as 'guest editor' was also responsible for the design of its cover and much of its contents as well." Thus getting away from the often pre-conceived ideas and/or agendas of magazine/book editors or publishing houses.

The first book is edited by and focuses on renowned photographer Stephen Shore. The series is distributed internationally by Nazraeli Press, who's website is well worth visiting for all its' other great titles.

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