Monday, January 21, 2008

High Tide Wane Moon.

High Tide Wane Moon. Photographs by Kazuumi Takahashi. Essay by Shino Kuraishi. Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2007. 56 pp., 51 four-color illustrations, 14x11". First edition of 1,000 casebound copies.

"The son of a fisherman, Takahashi grew up near the sea. The schedule of the tide influenced his daily planning, just as the moon in turn influenced the tides. In this large-format book, Takahashi presents 25 double-page spreads, each with a photograph of the moon on the left side, and a corresponding photograph of the ocean on the right.
Collectively, the photographs pay homage to forces that have inspired our dreams, and influenced our ways of life, since the beginning of humankind."

You can find vibrancy and beauty when it's dark.


Stephanie said...

Muminmamma på du, jag gillar tips! Brukar "frottera" läpparna och det hjälper lite men jag ska genast spana in born lippy, tack för tipsen!

Rare Autumn said...

:D :D