Thursday, April 03, 2008

NEWWORK magazine

Images: my pictures of NEWWORK magazine - issue no 1

NEWWORK magazine
is a magazine for readers who "appreciate the value of new ideas", made in newspaper format, designed by Studio Newwork and published bi-monthly.

Issue no 1 has a selection of 7 contributors, all whom are from New York. The 7 artists were chosen to "present new ideas and images of art, design, high fashion, culture, and politics".

My absolute favourite feature is that the pages are separable in order to be able to act as separate art pieces. I also really appreciate that the typefaces are customised in order to "reflect each contributors' work and stimulate thinking about typography in graphic design".


Anonymous said...

wow it looks so cool! where can i get a copy??

Rare Autumn said...

it's smashing isn't it!

if you go to click enter and then click info you will find where you can get hold of a copy (or if you can't find a location close to you perhaps write to - hope you enjoy it!

Dirty Diamonds said...

The only online shop that has it is