Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Exit 28. Flowers.

Exit 28. Flowers. Edited by Rosa Olivares with Numerous contributing photographers and writers. Olivares y Asociados, Madrid, 2007. 192 pp., Numerous color and black & white illustrations, 8¼x10¼".

It's been glorious summer outside so I've been a bit lax about posting (that's what happens when you're light-starved).

I've written about Exit magazine before and it's as always worth checking out. If you're not familiar with the magazine you can read more about them and have a look through back issues on their website.

"Perennial favorites for depicting the categories of beauty, joy, order and love, flowers have served poets and lovers, fixated botanists and photographers and inspired artists. Exit presents a veritable swag of images from photographers that have dealt with this subject matter over the course of the last century, including: Araki, Blossfeldt, Fischli und Weiss, Mapplethorpe, Cunningham, Pierson, Samaras, Steichen, Welling, and Warhol."

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