Saturday, September 27, 2008

Paul Newman RIP

Legendary move star and actor Paul Newman passed away yesterday at the age of 83 after a battle with cancer.

Despite his "matinée looks" Newman saw himself as a character actor, and said of himself "I was always a character actor. I just looked like Little Red Riding Hood."

"His characters - convicts, outlaws, con men and hustlers - were far from admirable. His gift, however, was to invest them with a charm, humour and crumpled nobility that made them irresistible to men and women alike.
It was this that enabled him in later life to become a distinguished character actor capable of elevating films like Road to Perdition, Message in a Bottle and The Hudsucker Proxy by his sheer force of presence. "

Outside acting he was a great philanthropist and political activist, Newman once said "I didn't turn in my citizenship card when I got my screen actor's card".

His good works, iconic character portrayals and fundamental decency will outlive him.

For clips of some of his iconic and memorable roles go here.

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