Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Journey Into 1920s German Expressionism.

The Journey Into 1920s German Expressionism. Photographs by Kitai Kazuo. Tosei-Sha, Tokyo, 2008. 72pp., numerous black & white illustrations., 7¾x10½".

"These are the photographs taken when the autor went to Germany in 1979 and 1980 for the series of the magazine "ASAHI CAMERA".

He took photographs paying attention to beauty of form without paying attention to the construction itself and design.

This photograph group is the work which tried a new expression in his lifework. We can find out Kazuo Kitai's new world from these photographs."


josephine said...

thanks for introducing me to his work! his style is especially evident in the first photograph. i'm going to look up more of his work.

Rare Autumn said...

i was also new to the work of kitai kazuo, and originally drawn to the book because i'm a fan of expressionism.

i was too very very pleased to be introduced to his work and am really looking forward to delving deeper into it!

glad you enjoyed it josephine!