Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Can Read Movies.

I Can Read Movies: a series of imaginary retro paperback book covers for film novelisations. By Mitch, Spacesick. Found via the Telegraph.

"The series features cult movies redone as vintage paperback covers similar to the Penguin book cover art of the 1950s + 60s.

Spacesick was partly inspired by Moss’s Movie Poster Remakes series, and all the musty old textbooks and digests that he used to love flipping through as a kid."
-- from grain edit

These covers are just absolutely sensationally wonderfully done!

There are quite a few more of them over at the Spacesick flickr so go there and threat yourself.


Madelene said...

Fin fint.

Rare Autumn said...

visst är det det!