Thursday, November 12, 2009

Visual installation

Visual installation by Bjørnar Pedersen and Andreas Knag-Danielsen.

"Visual instalations for the EKKO festival in Bergen 2009 by Central Saint Martin graphic design student Bjørnar Pedersen in collaboration with Andreas Knag-Danielsen.

Music: Ekko mixtape by The Work."

This video of work by Bjørnar Pedersen and Andreas Knag-Danielsen I found via the excellent FILE magazine.

Even though I don't mind the music as such I found it pretty interesting how meditative the installation felt if you switched off the sound.

Almost like an entirely different piece, you could appreciated the graphic shapes and the colour quality that much more.

It definitely added another dimension to it for me. Try!

For more of Bjørnar Pedersen's excellent work go here.

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