Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Hellsinki. By Eloi Gimeno. Eloi Gimeno, 2010. 68 pp., illustrated throughout.

I don't enjoy the Swedish winter at all (and really I mean not at all), I guess photographer Eloi Gimeno felt the same about winter in Finland.

Book description:

"This is not Helsinki, but Hellsinki.

Discipline, order, accuracy. These three characters define the Finnish society pretty well. But, because this book has no vocation to be documentary, these features are replaced here by coldness, darkness and loneliness.

My aim with the book is to give a portrait, from a subjective point of view, of my experience living in the Finnish capital city for ten months.

I guess the extreme climate and the feeling of being in an alien and hermetic surround made me look into the more sordid aspects of this town."

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