Friday, August 12, 2011

A Tree of Night.

A Tree of Night. Photographs by Tomoko Imai. Match and Company Co. LTD, 2010. 24 pp., illustrated throughout, 25,7×18,2cm. Images from here.

In his work Japanese photographer Tomoki Imai uses a 4x5 format camera with a tripod. 'A Tree of Night' is made up of 24 photographs taken using 35mm film.

Amongst the images we see an obsolete cafe, a water fountain in a park, a couple at a street crossing, a white bird in a cage. 8 pages are in braille (white on white), which are reproduced from a braille edition of Truman Capote's short story 'A Tree of Night' (from which this photo book also takes its' name).

The aim with the book is to try to understand and comprehend the world of a blind person from a compassionate standpoint, using the medium of photography.

"The photographer chose the subjects in deep quest of answers. [...] The journey of Imai between visible and invisible makes feel us everlasting loneliness in a labyrinth beautifully."

source for quote and information here.

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