Thursday, January 05, 2012


Idyll. Orchard Volume Three. By Raymond Meeks and Mark Steinmetz. Silas Finch, 2011. 60 pp., illustrated throughout, 11,25x14,75". Patron, Sustainer and Contributor editions. Images from here and here.

Book description:

" 'Idyll' with Mark Steinmetz combines two separate but complementary bodies of work, one by Meeks and the other by Steinmetz, to remarkable effect.

Made once again by hand in Portland, Oregon, the book features bold front and back covers with a letterpress-printed photograph by Mark Steinmetz.

The Sustainer and Patron editions include 'Pastoral,' an additional book of photographs by Mark Steinmetz. A total of only 90 copies of this very special book will be available for sale.

The Patron edition also includes a freestanding broadside of two silver gelatin prints by Raymond Meeks and Mark Steinmetz."

I've previously also featured Not Seen | Not Said (Orchard Volume Two).

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