Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dirty Negative.

Dirty negative. By Jeremy Jansen. Éditions FP&CF. 40pp., illustrated throughout, 29,7x21cm. Limited and numbered edition of 200 copies.

I've only recently come across the work of artist Jeremy Jansen and I must say I really like it, I'm pretty curious to see even more. (More for you here, here and here also for example).

Book description:

" 'Dirty Negative' is a collection of photographs in the form of a 40 pages graphical exploration in black and white by Canadian artist, Jeremy Jansen.

Printed using a Risograph, these monochromatic pages allow the photographs to have a uniform consistency , creating a unique atmosphere to exist between the ink and staples.

This project was a year in reflection with the editorial line constantly evolving, standing round trips between the photographer and the editors.

In the end, 'Dirty Negative' echos an understanding of a singular universe. With borders of the mystical and the obscure placing the photographs into an abyss of abstract dialog."

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