Monday, June 18, 2012

God's Left Eye.

God's Left Eye. By Michel Mazzoni. Texts/quotes from Michel De Certeau, Jean Baudrillard, JG Ballard and Gerges Perec. Editions Enigmatiques, 2012. 96 pp., illustrated throughout, 18,5x19,3cm. Edition of 400 copies.

This artist book by Michel Mazzoni is composed of grey-tone images of cities, deserts, former nuclear test sites and airports taken from a high altitude.

Housed between a mounting board cover, the images (interspersed with quotations from writers and philosophers) shows an abstract world, a map of territories constantly subject to human and natural transformations.

I have previously also featured Michel Mazzoni's book Straight in the Light.

Book description:

"Slipping into the role of a contemporary archaeologist, the artist uses these images to explore the empty and invisible places of this world, trawling deserts and airports and sites that have been exposed to nuclear tests, among others - a sort of cartography of our planet’s territories continuously being transformed by human and natural forces."

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