Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Sun Shines In.

The Sun Shines In. By Aki Tanaka. Tosei-Sha, 2007. 48 pp., illustrated throughout, 15,5x23cm. Images from here.

This book might be starting off from the most wonderful of premises (or I'm intoxicated by the summer that's just started in earnest)...

I have previously also featured Sunshine Pulse and Sunshine Volition by Aki Tanaka.

Book description:

"In this work, Tanaka Aki took pictures of flowers, but not with the interest of the botanist or the weekend hobbyist.

Instead, she wanted to use flowers as a medium through which to capture sunlight.

The result is a work which is indeed brightly colored, but where the light seems to be leaking out of the images, as if the film had been literally bombarded with visual information and was unable to record it all. But the blurry quality of these images is not to the detriment of the work.

The photographs in this book could be viewed almost as abstract paintings, where the pattern and texture of the color that has been captured might be more important than the real object that they represent."

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