Tuesday, November 06, 2012

M 2: Repetitions.

M 2: Repetitions. By numerous artist, introduction by Diane Dufor and Nicolas Guirand. Magnum Steidl, 2005. 144 pp., illustrated throughout, 20x29cm. Images from here.

Book description:

" 'The whole paradox of repetition is that we can only talk about it with respect to the difference or the change that it causes in the observer’s mind.' - Gilles Deleuze

This second issue of M features 17 works by Magnum photographers which explore the concept of repetition.

The notion of repetition is in contrast to that of the 'decisive moment' and involves another relationship to time. The photographer's point of view imposes itself, beyond the singularity of each image.

Repetition is multiple, revealing an obsession, Raymond Depardon 's 'lost moments' in Errance, a critical statement such as the political theatre in One Vote by Alex Majoli, a narrative like America in mourning in Paul Fusco's Funeral Train.

From one work to another, repetition has to do with concept as well as intuition, with conscious choice as well as a subverted constraint: it is the expression of the fundamental doubt which structures the creative process.

M2 features: Abbas's 'Vanishing Saddam', Antoine d’Agata’s 'Promised land', Raymond Depardon’s 'Errance', Thomas Dworzak’s 'Rear Window', Paul Fusco’s 'Funeral Train', Harry Gruyaert’s 'TV shots', Jim Goldberg’s 'Rich and Poor', Philippe Halsman’s 'Jumpology', Richard Kalvar’s 'Politics', Peter Marlow’s 'Spotters', Alex Majoli’s 'One Vote', Martin Parr’s 'Auto-portraits', Miguel Rio Branco’s 'Blue Tango', Lise Sarfati’s 'Closer', Dennis Stock’s 'Playing with death', Larry Towell’s 'Palestine', and Donovan Wylie’s 'The Maze'."

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