Sunday, February 24, 2013

Round The Way.

Round The Way. By Maya Hayuk. Nieves, 2010. 20pp., illustrated throughout, 19,5x25,5cm. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields by Maya Hayuk.

Book description:

"In the olden days - when people still thought the earth was flat - the universe was sometimes compared to the inside of a human skull. This was our notion of the infinite that lies beyond the world we live in, as a reflection of the infinity of our powers of thought and perception.

This comparison, and the discovery of the most far-flung corners of the universe using the Hubble Space Telescope, are the basis of 'Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields' by Brooklyn artist Maya Hayuk.

'Round the Way' is a collection of paintings from the last two years leading up to 'Ultra, Ultra Deep Fields', Maya Hayuk's exhibition at MU.
Maya Hayuk’s work, be it her large abstract murals or her smaller works on paper, is imbued with symmetry and colour.

It is midway between the stellar clouds that the Hubble Telescope allows us to see and the abstract patterns on Ukrainian Easter eggs, Mexican blankets, Rorschach tests and holograms. Using a symbolism that also leaves room for spirituality, she expresses her love for the positive."

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