Friday, November 15, 2013

Down These Mean Streets.

Down These Mean Streets. By Will Steacy. b. frank books, 2012. 112 pp., illustrated throughout, 9,5x12". Edition of 400 copies. Images from here.

Book description:

"Amidst the noise and rhetoric of the 2012 US presidential campaign comes a sobering visual account of politics, capitalism, social priorities and the collapse of the American Dream.

b.frank books presents 'Down These Mean Streets', the first monograph by the Philadelphia-raised, artist and writer, Will Steacy.

In combining his own celebrated photographs of America’s inner cities with journal entries, maps, and a preponderance of text and imagery from newspapers and magazines, Steacy presents an imposing collage depicting the downward spiral of the American economy in which 30 years of misguided economic policies have transferred a nation’s wealth and power to a privileged few at the expense of the middle and working class.

Rich with iconic imagery of American culture layered with carefully edited clippings from national and regional media, he presents the portrait of a changing nation struggling to adapt to a 21st Century post-industrialist global economy."

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