Sunday, March 11, 2007


Landfall. Photographs by Lukas Felzmann. Lars Muller, 2003. 144 pp., 70 black-and-white illustrations, 5x7".

"Flocks of birds have risen and settled throughout time, just like floods have come and gone, but in a different rhythm. Each generation is struggling to grasp its connection to nature within our fragmented lives. We must find an equilibrium between the ruins of civilization and the regenerative power of life, so that we can pass without remorse."—Lukas Felzmann.

"Landfall is part travel diary, part meditation, a guidebook to wanderlust. Felzmann lives and works in the San Francisco Bay area, traveling throughout the West when the mood strikes, working with a 5x7" view camera and a keen sense of intuition. The need to find connection to the natural world, to the land in which one lives, is central to his work, and as such, provides the only structural foundation to this collection of images. Felzmann engages, not in preaching to us, but in pure spiritual quest. Presented with minimal text (found only at the end), Landfall reads like a visual novella."

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