Saturday, March 31, 2007

Wonderful fabrics designed by Stig Lindberg

Selection of fabrics designed by Stig Lindberg.

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am that Ljunbergs textiltryck (Ljunberg's Textile Prints) are reissuing their range of fabrics designed by Stig Lindberg!

Stig Lindberg was approached to do the range in the 1940s and the inspiration was his illustrations for children's books as well as his ceramics for Gusatavsbergs.

"From the very start it is Ljungberg´s Textile Prints that has printed Stig Lindberg´s patterns. We are still in possession of the colour samples and printing instructions from 1947 to well into the 1960ies. It has been immensely exciting to search for the old test samples and colours together with the original sketches that we have borrowed from the Design Archive in Pukeberg; also to take out old screens and films from our archive, plus the textile samples borrowed from the Lindberg family. We are very grateful for the cooperation with Stig Lindberg´s children, who so generously have supported us in the recreation of this collection, says Bibbi Nilsson, design coordinator of Ljungberg's collection."

Continue to read more here. Or click here for more info.

The patterns “Bulbous” and “Herbarium” are printed in cooperation with Bemz. If you register with them you can request five swatches for free (including the Stig Lindberg patterns!)

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