Wednesday, December 12, 2007

book of miri

image from book of miri

I've been meaning to add this blog to the links ever since I first discovered it (through for the love of ourselves) - and write a little something about it, but never quite managed the thought of what, who, where. So I though the best thing to do was to show you this picture from the blog, and the following conversation with my husband, who doesn't speak Swedish.

me: "You know the blog I've been trying to explain to you about, that I just really like (but it's in Swedish)."

him: "Oh the one you've been saying she's a librarian with some incredible clothes, and writes great stuff about books, but also about weird people in second hand shops - or those who should just be banned, and looks kinda like A...?"

me: "...and sometimes there's cats all over her. Anyway this is the one [shows him picture]."

him: "Oh brilliant I know exactly what you mean! That blog - what more is there to say!"

me: "Exactly!"

him: "Exactly!"

(or words to that effect)

The blog is just genius. (...also be sure to have a look at bokdialogen where she writes solely about books.)


miri said...

å vad underbart. helt ljuvlig konversation..och om mej! rodnar glatt här från mitt håll.
tack så hemskt mycket för det fina fina inlägget!!! :D

Rare Autumn said...

vad du är snäll! älskar verkligen din blog!