Monday, April 06, 2009


FILE. 56pp., illustrations, 39x30xm. Printed on improved newspaper with a 300 gsm uncoated cover. Accompanied with a DVD featuring over two hours of short films, music videos and interviews; as well as a commissioned limited print.

FILE is a new bi-annual magazine that focuses on graphic design, art and visual communications with the aim of being a "survey of the current visual culture".

This first issue includes a DVD featuring short films, music videos and interviews as well as a limited print by Geoff McFetridge (each issue will have a commissioned print by a different artist). The magazine itself is printed on newspaper paper with a cover made of 300gsm uncoated paper.

For more of the content and were to buy (either press "buy now" or go to "news" for stockists in London) go here - or to their flickr here.

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