Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Moi Ver: Paris.

Moi Ver: Paris. Photographs and book design by Moi Ver. Text by Christoph Schifferli and Fernand Leger. Edition 7L, Paris, 2002. 80 pp., 80 black-and-white illustrations, 9x11½".

"In Paris, [the] quintessential avant-garde book, Moi Ver succeeded in blending dynamic photographic montage with elaborate graphic layouts. Utilizing the double-spread as one unified place, each turn of the page not only surprised but accentuated the charged rhythm built into the book itself. The bulk of information in these pictures documents mundane street activities in the cobblestone-covered Paris of the late 20s. But the method in which Moi Ver chose to present his material, in its kaleidoscopic layering and frenzied repetitiveness, emphasized an experiential approach to picture construction - as if we, the viewers, were walking about, bombarded by noise and reflected light."

Moi Ver was a lithuanian photographer and painter who is mostly known for producing "fascinating avant-garde photomontages". He initially studied painting - taking courses with Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky, and Joseph Albers at the Bauhaus, and thereafter attending Ecole Photo One in Paris.

Moi Ver: Paris was originally published in 1931 by Editions Jeanne Walter with an introduction by Futurist Fernand Leger. The book has long been out of print and the original is extremely rare.

This reproduction of Moi Ver: Paris "brings back into circulation one of the seminal photographic books of the century".

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Carlos Bargas said...

El libro de Moi Ver "Paris" es realmente magnifico, desafortunadamente no es muy conocido, personalmente me enteré de su existencia en el año 1975 cuando me obsequiaron un ejemplar editado en 1931. Mi maestro de fotografia me habia comentado la obra de Moses Vorobeichic en los años 60 pero nunca vimos una sola fotografia publicada. Te felicito por compartir esta obra. Te saludo desde Mar del Plata.
Carlos Bargas.