Thursday, October 01, 2009

Romek Marber - book covers

Book covers by Romek Marber. Images from and found via Creative Review.

"In the first of two extracts from Penguin by Illustrators, a new book collecting together the transcripts of talks given by esteemed Penguin creatives, we have the full text of the presentation made by Romek Marber (b. 1925), best known for his "Penguin grid" and the Crime series covers from the 1960s...

The following is the introductory text to and transcript of the presentation Marber gave at the Penguin Collectors' Society event, Penguin by Illustrators in 2007, which has now been published in a new book of the same name.

Further details on Penguin by Illustrators follow the extract."
-- continue reading here.

Read more about Romek Marber here or here for example and see more of his book cover designs here for example.

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