Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Down Country.

Down Country. The Tano of the Galisteo Basin, 1250–1782. Photographs by Edward Ranney. By Lucy R. Lippard. Museum Of New Mexico Press, Santa Fe, 2010. 388 pp., 80 duotone and 30 black & white illustrations, 8½x10".

I love the beauty and quiet tranquility of these photographs.

'Down Country' described:

"The Galisteo Basin is an ancient seabed, site of volcanic upheaval. The fertile basin provided temporary hunting and farming grounds for wanderers, and then became the home of Pueblo peoples who survived drought, warfare, disease, and invasion for almost a thousand years before the arrival of the Spanish.

'Down Country' is the history of five centuries of the Southern Tewa Pueblo Indian culture that rose, faltered, reasserted itself, and ultimately, perished in the Galisteo.
Renowned writer and Galisteo resident Lucy R. Lippard synthesizes archaeological and historical research to create this landmark study ten years in the making, weaving together the many viewpoints of a century of study and research.

Acclaimed New Mexico photographer Edward Ranney contributes a portfolio of eighty documentary images of the Galisteo Basin’s ancient sites, shrines, rock art, and striking landscape."

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