Sunday, July 04, 2010

Roma, Citta Di Mezzo.

Roma, Citta Di Mezzo. Photographs by Guy Tillim. punctum, 2009. Unpaged, Numerous color illustrations, 6¾x9".

South African photographer Guy Tillim is "known for his black and white and later digital work, mainly of third world Africa and often of war- and trouble-stricken areas".

'Roma, Citta di Mezzo' - an unusual and I think poignant look at Rome and its urban landscape (almost completely void of people) - was commissioned for FotoGrafia 2009 and published by punctum, with essays by curators Marco Delogu and Nicola-Louise Brandt.

From the afterword by Nicola-Louise Brandt:

"Guy Tillim's images of Rome are of silent, transient moments that blink between one articulated thought and another.
Tillum does not memorialize or claim a sentimental intimacy with his surroundings. He investigates cycles of decay and regeneration in the city with the candour of an outsider and, in the process, he offers another way of feeling and thinking about archetypal and contemporary Rome".

You can also read a review of 'Roma, Citta Di Mezzo' by Charles Dee Mitchell in photo-eye magazine.

First quote wikipedia entry for Guy Tillim ; second quote publisher's description.

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