Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Silence. The Western Australian Wheatbelt. Photographs by Brad Rimmer. T&G Publishing, 2010. 96 pp., 51 colour illustrations, 9x10¼".

'Silence. The Western Australian Wheatbelt', a book with work by Australian photographer Brad Rimmer, is an "intensely personal and sometimes painful monograph of life in the once-thriving wheatbelt towns of Western Australia.

Born in Wyalkatchem in 1962, Rimmer chose at nineteen to escape what he saw then as a bleak future.

In 'Silence', he presents images that capture the region's permeating dust, heat and isolation and negotiates a delicate balance between hope and despair in his frank portraits of those who remain."

Rimmer says about the project:

"I was worried about revisiting my old home and going inside the house, but I had no real connection at all. Everything that was in my mind had gone and I felt a strange relief.

On my way out of town that evening I thought of how many people had left and never returned, just left for good. I'd never thought about that before."

Both quotes from the publisher's description.

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