Sunday, August 22, 2010

Wave Music.

Wave Music. Photographs by Clifford Ross. Blind Spot Book, Aperture published, New York, 2005. 144 pp., 95 tritone illustrations, 10x12".

"Three bodies of work are presented here: Hurricane, Horizons, and Grain. All three groupings present formalist views of the sea - the first two are explicit, whereas the last is implied.

The first group of images, true to their collective name, are exquisite black-and-white photographs of violently crashing waves, full of froth and set against a stormy sky.

Horizons is a dissipation of that energy, a set of chaste and restrained photographs, half-sky, half-sea.

The last component of this triptych is Grain - fields of pure grey, referring to the 'grain' apparent in silver-gelatin photographs.

Taken cumulatively, there is an overt visual decrescendo at play here. Powerful chaos, quiet contemplation, enigmatic abstraction. These rich ideas, presented in a broad movement coursing throughout the book, is at the heart of Ross’project."

-- Darius Himes / publisher's description.

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