Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Borderlands. Photographs by Eirik Johnson, text by Philip Levine and Rod Slemmons. Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, 2005. 80 pp., 34 four-colour plates, 12x8". Images from photo-eye and Eirik Johnsson.

Eirik Johnson is an American photographer. His work has been exhibited extensively and is part of several permanent collections.

The book 'Borderlands' was his first monograph (published in 2005), of which he says:

“My photographs depict strange and momentary scenes within overlooked landscapes that exist along the fraying edges of the contemporary environment. I search the boundaries between public and private land, where the framework of urban order begins to breaks down.

It is in these non-spaces that temporary relationships occur as forces of nature - flooding, brush fires, tidal change - come into contact with the physical presence of the urban environment.

The photographs portray in detail the quietly unfolding dramas and uneasy beauty of these encounters.”

Continue to read the artist statement and see more images from inside 'Borderlands' here.

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