Tuesday, October 05, 2010


Sanctum. Photographs by Robert Stivers. Twin Palms Publishers, Santa Fe, 2006. 88 pp., 41 four-colour plates, 11x14".

The book 'Sanctum' is a "collection of visionary photography by artist Robert Stivers, often given a unique twist through differing applications of focus.

Featuring forty-one four-color plates and a thoughtful essay by Eugenia Parry, Sanctum explores topics ranging from the human figure to a conglomeration of bees to stark landscape in its search to express the unending themes of human emotion driving the endless cycle of death and rebirth."

Eugenia Parry says:

"Stivers takes us into alcoholic twilight. Shuddering exiles in watery purgatory, the human figures as well as forests, clouds, plants, works of art and even architecture seem never actually to have existed. . . . Each photograph visualizes the anguished lament of the current that runs through him. . . . All of this mirrors his dream books and journals, where the trials of actual experience and his mind’s nocturnal dream machinery are indistinguishable. Stivers’ pictures are figments of his material philosophy of escape. "

First quote from here ; second quote from here.

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