Monday, December 13, 2010

Ideas about Time.

Ideas about Time. Photographs by Mark Klett. Text by Marilyn Zeitlin. Arizona State University, Tempe, 2002. Unpaged, 52 colour and black-and-white illustrations, 9x11".

'Ideas about Time' is an exhibition catalogue published by the Arizona State University Art Museum to coincide with a traveling exhibition with work by American photographer Mark Klett.

Klett's work has focused on "explorations of man’s interaction with the American landscape, and more recently on issues of photography in time including rephotography".

In the essay accompanying the work museum director Marilyn Zeitlin states " 'it is clear that nearly all of the work reflects a concern with time. The work is both analysis and meditation, and his reflections on time are no exception to this dual attitude that brings together a subtle poetry with a scientific exactitude'.

Having prepared for and pursued early on a career in the U.S. Geological Society, Klett brings to his art not only an understanding of time on a vast scale but also a deep concern with man's effects on the environment.

He is well-known for his influential work 'Second View: The Rephotographic Survey Project' which exactingly reproduced views of sites in the American West made historic in 19th-century survey photographs.

'Third View' presents a continuation of that team effort, led by Project Director Klett. The participants explain: 'The project made more than 110 rephotographs from the same vantage points as the originals while also attempting to duplicate the original photographs' lighting conditions, both in time of day and year.

This disk samples seven sites along with a portion of the collateral materials collected, including interviews and other sound files and site-related imagery such as Virtual Reality panoramas'."

First quote from here ; second quote from here.

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