Friday, December 10, 2010

Pebble Island.

Pebble Island. By Jon McNaught. Nobrow Press, 2010. 38pp., four colours, 15x15cm.

'Pebble Island', a comic in book format without dialogue or verbal narrative, is in Jon McNaught "trademark silent storytelling style" and "set in these stark and unforgiving surroundings that nonetheless exude an air of tranquility and respite."

Book description:

"Far across the Atlantic Ocean lies the windswept shore of Pebble Island, a secluded place where time goes slowly, and the seasons all happen at once, where rocks on the beach are perfectly round, and TV broadcasts are limited and late.

Drawing from memories of a childhood home in the Falklands, Jon McNaught uses wordless comic strips and intricate prints to form a playful study of isolation and adventure; Children gather in sprawling peat bogs where ruined military vehicles become secret bases, a fisherman settles down in his cluttered cabin to watch the Saturday night movie, and sheep thoughtfully wander the hills, grazing in the billowing grass."

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