Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Black and Blue.

Black and Blue. Photographs by Morten Andersen. Text by Dorota Sacha-Krol. Shadowlab, 2011. 288 pp., illustrated throughout, 18x24cm. Limited edition of 600. Images from photo-eye.

Book description:

"As Knut Hamsun says in his classic novel 'Hunger' about Oslo «the city no one escapes from until it has left his marks on him...», the same can be said about today's Oslo in Andersen's books and in 'Black and Blue' almost literary...

In his 12th photobook Morten Andersen revisits his sold out books 'Fast City' and 'Oslo F.' and mix photos from these two with unpublished ones and a few from last years 'Color F.' as well."

I've previously featured the books Jetlag and Alcohol and Fast City by Morten Andersen.

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