Friday, June 03, 2011

Lose My Number.

Lose My Number. Photographs by iO Tillett Wright. Foreword by Diego Cortez. Pau Wau Publications, 2011. 72 pp., black & white illustrations, 7x9". Images from photo-eye.

The book 'Lose My Number' by artist, photographer, writer and filmmaker iO Tillett Wright was published to accompany the exhibition BREEDINGS at Fuse Gallery, New York.

View the entire book here (video).

Book description:

"Opposing nothing, iO Tillett Wright's political activity is covert. Social definitions are exposed, explored, traded, discarded... Gender, race, sexuality - nothing is black & white here.

The subjects of iO's pictures are not marginal... They are central..., but most importantly, like the photographer herself, they are fluid, dynamic, beyond labeling (post-existential), they cleave and share identities, i.e, they are alive.

In the images of 'Lose My Number', intimacy is paramount... ...Nothing is staged, and there is no separation between life and art."

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