Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bookmarks: Infiltrating the Library System

Bookmarks IX: Infiltrating the Library System 2011-2012. By Sara Elgerot / Rare Autumn, 2011. Hand-signed and numbered. Edition of 100 (with 1 copy in the CFPR archive).

I'm very happy to be part of the Centre for Fine Print Research (the University of the West of England)'s project Bookmarks IX: Infiltrating the Library System 2011-2012.

The project - curated in the form of bookmarks by participating artists - was set up in 2004 to encourage interest and appreciation of bookart and artists' books, as well as libraries and other places housing, teaching and promoting bookart / artists' books.

Description (description of my bookmark here):

"The Bookmarks projects series aim is to encourage appreciation of work in the format of the artist's book. Participating artists each hand-produce an edition of 100 signed and numbered bookmarks to give away through distribution boxes at venues around the world. Each bookmark has the website address which brings visitors to the gallery of artworks online.

Over the last six years the Bookmarks series of free artwork distribution has visited 60 venues in Italy, The Netherlands, the UK, Ireland, France, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, South Korea, Cyprus, Croatia, New Zealand, Japan, Australia and the USA. Over 280 artists have contributed more than 28,000 bookmarks to the eight projects to date. Editioned bookmarks are collated into sets; one full set being sent to each of the contributing artists and the rest divided and sent in distribution boxes to participating galleries, bookstores and libraries around the world, for visitors to take."

UPDATE: More here (they're distributing online, so you can request to receive bookmark(s) from one or more participating artist(s)), as well as here.


Josephine said...

What a cool project!

At the beginning of this year, I decided to make an effort to read more books and that I would choose only books that are on my bookshelf. In the process I've discovered so many bookmarks that I totally forgot about. They've all been really pleasant surprises.

Rare Autumn said...

Thanks Josephine! Yes, I enjoyed it, and it's always really interesting to see the different things people make every year... (ps. click the link under update for options to receive bookmarks)